Since mid-October 2017 there is an official figure - 76% fewer insects than in 1989 live here in Germany. The issue of bee mortality is one of the most topical problems of our time. The fact that more and more young people are turning beekeeping into a hobby and are therefore paying attention to the problem is a good approach. But how can we make it easier for the often insecure beginners to evaluate the language of the bees?
HyveStream can be simply clipped to the lid of any standard wooden hive and listens to the frequencies in the bee colony. The frequencies are analysed according to volume, temperature and time of day, so that information about activity, swarm behaviour and diseases can be easily transmitted via app. This means that, especially in summer, the beekeeper does not have to personally check the bees' breeding room every few days, which is much less stressful than usual for both humans and animals.
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